Mahashivratri: All problems associated with Shani will be removed, do this remedy on Mahashivratri!

Mahashivratri: All problems associated with Shani will be removed, do this remedy on Mahashivratri!


Mahashivratri: The day of Mahashivratri is considered very important in Sanatan Dharma. This is the wedding day of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. This year, Mahashivratri will be celebrated on February 18, 2023, a Saturday. Mahashivratri is celebrated on the Chaturdashi tithi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Falgun. This year on Mahashivratri, after years, a rare yoga with the planet Saturn takes place in which the worship of Shiva pleases both Shiva and Shani. After 30 years, on the occasion of Mahashivratri, Saturn will be in its original trine sign of Aquarius.

A special coincidence of Shani Puja on Mahashivratri

On Chaturdashi Tithi of Krishna Pax of Falgun month i.e. Mahashivratri day, Saturn will be in Aquarius. Such a coincidence happens after 30 years. Apart from this, this day also coincides with Pradosh Vrat. Actually, Trayodashi Tithi also comes on Chaturdashi Tithi day. In such a situation, Shani Pradosh and Mahashivratri have an amazing coincidence. Shanideva remedies performed in this connection provide relief from all ailments. People afflicted with Saturn’s sadasati and physical should definitely do these remedies. By doing this one will get wealth, prosperity, happiness, good health.

આ પણ વાંચો :   फटाफट बनाएं कच्चे केले की ये डिश, व्रत में मिलेगा अलग स्वाद

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Remedies to remove Shani dosh on Mahashivratri

– On Mahashivratri put black sesame seeds in Ganges water and offer it to Shivlinga to remove Shani dosha. Also chant Shiva Sahasranam while doing Abhishek. In this way all problems related to Shani will be removed. Along with this, Bholenath will also be very kind.

આ પણ વાંચો :   प्रोड्यूसर नितिन मनमोहन को आया हार्ट अटैक

– To avoid the wrath of Shani Dev, offer Belpatra to the Shivlinga on the morning of Mahashivratri at an auspicious time. Also recite Shiva Chalisa.

– On Mahashivratri day offer belapatra and shami flowers on Shivling. Shanidev is a devotee of Lord Shiva. By offering Shani Dev’s favorite Shami flower on the Shivlinga, one is relieved of seven and a half years of suffering. Happiness comes in life.

આ પણ વાંચો :   बॉलीवुड: ब्लैक बॉडीकॉन ड्रेस में एक्ट्रेस रकुल प्रीत का कातिलाना लुक, फोटो देख घायल हो जाएंगे आप

Additionally, on Mahashivratri day, gift black urad dal, black sesame seeds and mustard oil. Light a mustard oil lamp under the tree and put some black sesame seeds in the oil. Due to this, Shani becomes strong in the horoscope and gives favorable results.

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